Food Safety & Environmental Footprint

We provide a high level of food safety and quality, and a low environmental footprint in our products by

  • Hand-weeding and burning of the weeds, keeps the use of pesticides to a minimum.
  • Maximising the effect of fertilizers and thereby reducing the amount.
  • Buying seeds from the best producers in Europe.
  • Buying seedlings from well-known and local producers in order to minimize transport and receive fresh seedlings.
  • Having a 24-hour irrigation team, that ensures our crops get the proper amount of water, when they need it.


  • Having specialized teams in charge of the harvesting of baby leaves and lettuces.
  • Microbiological tests are performed on all products on a daily basis.
  • Using our own traceability system to ensure control over all of our products, to ensure that we can trace each product back to the producer of the seeds or seedlings, and which production processes were used to make the final product.
  • Cooling harvested products immediately after harvesting, before transporting them to our packing facility.