“Our number one super-food”

Spinach is called a super-food due to its richness of Vitamin A, B, C, E, and K, iron and zinc. It can have a positive effect on your skin, vision and blood pressure.

Baby Spinach are leaves of spinach, which are harvested before they are fully developed. With its beautiful small green leaves and mild flavour, it is perfect for salads, but also in nutritious smoothies and hot dishes.

Our season for Baby Spinach is May to November.

The fully developed spinach may have wrinkled or smooth leaves. The big leaves are perfect for steamed, stewed, or sautéed dishes and it adds bundles of vitamins to pies, pasta dishes, soups and sauces. The big leafed spinach is also a healthy and tasty choice for nutritious smoothies.

Our season for fully developed spinach is May to November.

We pack spinach with laser microperforated foil in mixed or unmixed trays.